Millennium Oceans Prize in USA 2021

Millennium Oceans in partnership with MCN and the Remmer Family Foundation is receiving applications for the Millennium Oceans Prize for Youth Advancing Marine and Freshwater Conservation in the United States in 2021.

The Millennium Oceans Prize commemorates youth engagement advancing Marine and Freshwater conservation, and viable use of oceans, rivers, seas, lakes and marine resources. Ingenuities that support sustainable fisheries will get special consideration. The goals of this Prize are mirrored in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14. The Millennium Oceans Prize and Campaign it supports is backed by Millennium Campus Network (MCN) and the Remmer Family Foundation

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN), Inc., is an international student network progressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  MCN programs assemble, challenge, and recognize student leadership for social influence.  

The United Nations SDG for the oceans states:

“The world’s oceans – their temperature, makeup, currents and life – propel global systems that make the earth liveable for humanity. Our rainwater, drinking water, climate, weather, shorelines, much of our food, and also the oxygen in the air we breathe, are all in the long run provided and controlled by the sea. All through history, oceans and seas have been crucial channels of trade and transportation.

Careful administration of this crucial global resource is an important feature to a sustainable future. However, at the present time, there is a progressive decline of coastal waters due to pollution and ocean acidification is having a bad effect on the operation of ecosystems and biodiversity. This is also adversely affecting small scale fisheries.

Marine protected regions have to be effectively run and well-resourced and laws need to be implemented to reduce overfishing, marine contamination and ocean acidification.”