Madeira unveiled their new brand identity

Madeira. To everyone ”is a new motto that, with a new logo, offers a new impetus to the Madeira Promotion Group. From an in-depth study looking to identify the largest parts of the region, the space is clear: Madeira is a place where every visitor feels a sense of belonging. With 600 years of history and more than 200 years of travel, the region combines a quiet climate with a fantastic world, as well as a rich and unique cultural heritage. In the past, Madeira was an important destination for the central Atlantic for European explorers heading to the New World and the result has had many influences from many cultures over the centuries. Madeira is a safe world, with a great new experience for everyone, from land to sea. People are happy, dedicated and excited about their island and ready to welcome anyone. Based on this information, this visual identity exists and represents Madeira as it is: play and play. The symbolism comes from the destruction of the environment – a symbol associated with the idea of ​​participation in the Madeiran spirit. Illustrations, circles represent a sense of connection and perfection, but at the same time different. The brand of this brand is in partnership with Bloom Consulting and the new identity comes from the work of the creative company BAR and will be present in communications of all Madeira, nationally and internationally. For Eduardo Jesu, President of Madeira, the new Madeira Brand Promotion Company ”aims to bring an unparalleled excitement and explain our purpose: To let everyone hope they are here. The notion of being this is why life goes beyond just the interest or unity of the community.