Love home swap reveals strong inprove in activity for Airport lockdown

More than 30 million people in the UK have received their first vaccines and many consumers want to ask for a better holiday. Over the past year, the disease has affected the travel industry, which along with the holidays will put a strain on it. Anyway, good news for the current travel area. Leading the way for real vaccines to emerge in major markets including the UK and US, managing home-only exchange sites Love House has changed and introduced new numbers showing steady growth by the first quarter of 2021, showing customer expectations for travel for the rest of the year. January is always the month of Love Change, and people are starting to plan their journey for the coming year. Although at the beginning of this year it was slightly different than normal, the latest figures show a significant increase of 12% in subscribers from January to February, as well as an increase of 12.5% ​​in subscribers through February through March. Renovation is an easy and inexpensive way for buyers to travel a few steps of the costs associated with hotel and vacation. With 36% of Swap House members traveling four times a year (pre-Covid-19), one member saves £ 3,400 per year on vacation by choosing a home. Every year, more and more people consider home change as an alternative to whether the number of people who start free surveys at the Home Office changes 23% from January to February, and more than 15% from February to March Third.