LOEWS Hotel and cooperation acheiver Health safety rating

Loews & Co. claims to be one of the guest names receiving RELL Health-Safety Rating for Administration and Control by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), an international authority in the healthcare industry. WELL Rating-Safety Rating is a proof-of-concept, third-party review of new and existing buildings reviewing operations, maintenance procedures, deployment and emergency response ideas to address the post situation. -COVID-19 ijinna. Loews & Co. has achieved significant milestones across the portfolio, including the exception of the Orlando hotel, which is part of the Universal Orlando Resort, which demonstrates the brand’s commitment to creating a community that promotes health. guests, members and neighbors during the witness meeting based on health and safety regulations. “Chie’s success is a testament to Loews Hotels & Co’s commitment to investing in our program, our home, and our people, the safety of our guests and team, which is safe and sound, and maintaining the company’s culture at all times, finding and providing a guest experience focused on unparalleled service and hospitality in the family, ”said Jenny Lucas, Executive Vice President, Operations, Loews Hotels & Co. This understanding of the work should be already marked at that level, allowing to repeat the process. which prepared our materials not only during COVID-19 but for the future. ”To achieve the WELL Healthcare brand, each of the hotel’s companies met the challenges facing sanitation systems, emergency preparedness systems, health services, air and water quality control, communications and promotion and fitness, and increased feed rate and particle refinement. The Loews Center will display a visible logo to highlight the health and safety efforts of Wated Public Health Rated and Green.