Leiden University excellent scholarship

Important Information: The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program (LExS) is open to outstanding non-EEA / non-EFTA students enrolling in a full-time admission program at Leiden University. Workplace (s): Leiden University in the Netherlands. Level / Beginning: Full-time Master’s Program at Leiden University with the exception of LLM (non-advanced) and MSc programs at Leiden Law School. Number of grants: The number and type of scholarships depend on the budget available for each department. Target group: Non-EEA / non-EFTA countries (see details below) Practical study / period: Leiden University curriculum has 3 scholarships: • € 10,000 tuition • € 15.000 tuition fees • The tuition fee deducting the tuition fee is not enough. Non-EEA LExS recipients must provide ‘proof of sufficient income’ for their visa and student certification. Eligibility: Students must have excellent academic results in their previous education, which is important for the Master program in which they are applying. According to the show, the student was among the top 10% of the graduates in his previous curriculum. Note: Evidence of degree is not required – this information is only to indicate the level of competition. Applicants must have a non-EEA / non-EFTA passport * and must not qualify for support under the Dutch system of financing and lending (Studiefinanciering) – except for students applying for LLM Advanced Studies program or MSc in International Relations, with no international restrictions. * All EU countries including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) Application instructions: Must first apply online