Latest global airline request trend by skyscanner

There has been some good news for the international travel industry in recent weeks. With immunization rates in other tourist destinations such as the UK and USA increasing, the implementation of travel routes for Israeli and Australian travelers, and with the rest of many destinations in famous places like Thailand, many hope to come. More than double as many travelers believe the global status of COVID-19 is improving compared to those who believe it is getting worse – 49% vs 20% (Skyscanner Pulse Survey n = 5363, w / c 29th March) The five most populous countries in the world are Skyscanner and March: – US – Spain – Russia – Growing up – The decline of the British Empire led to speed and availability in famous places: – Thailand announces the season protection will be reduced to 10 days for travelers worldwide Research in March increased by 478% compared to February Progress room for recovery in few countries: South Korea South Korea in books weekly: Daegu in Jeju + 44% of corridor travel leading to the computer: – Australia-New Zealand On the 6th of April we saw an increase of 1570% compared to the previous day – I srael-Cyprus On the 4th day we saw an increase of 1704% in Compared to the previous day – UK-Israel We are examining the focus on the registration between London and Tel Aviv following reports that Israel could be one n inside the main green menu. Hugh Aitken, VP Flights at Skyscanner said: “With so many travelers waiting for the green light for international travel to begin through their government, Skyscanner data shows that there is hope around the world. With a clear idea to provide a clean approach to day and night, we found a partnership