Keep tourism Programme in Turkiye become delivered for vaccinations programme for tourism employees

Türkiye has launched a comprehensive immunization campaign for travel professionals in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Health and T Promrkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA). The immunization program will cover the staff of airports, airports, accommodation, transport personnel and fitness workers. The immunization program for all travel agents will be completed before the start of the summer season 2021. In the context of the ‘Travel Travel Certificate Program’, the immunization program is to welcome international travelers for the coming summer and ensure call the health and safety of travel workers and residents. Since the launch of the ‘Travel Travel Plan’ in May 2020, Turkey has adhered to strict health and safety regulations and has taken all necessary steps to ensure its health . Prior to the opening of the season, the Ministry of Culture and Travel began work on recruiting transport department staff and immunization programs to ensure that travel services in the country are developed throughout the year. The Department of Health takes good care of the vaccine. The medical closure process of a travel worker begins with the priorities and ends of the ‘Best Travel Travel Certificate Program’. As part of an ongoing effort to fight COVID-19 and further as one of the world’s most secure destinations, Türkiye continues to invest in ‘Travel Certificate’ being one of the first and most successful examples in the world at this point. The country has expanded the system making it legal for companies to own 30 or more homes. So more than 8,000 companies are licensed.