Kawi.com partner with the Sabre to extend it’s research

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC, and LONDON – Kiwi.com, a European financial services company (OTA), and Saber Corporation, a leading provider of software and technology solutions to the global travel industry, announced today a new partnership. The deal will ensure that Kiwi.com ranks Saber in a well-established position to support ongoing development and expand its reach. Since its founding in 2012, Kiwi.com has grown into one of the most successful online businesses in the last decade, providing content for more than 800 countries and airlines worldwide. Successful in many markets, especially across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the company seeks to increase its competitiveness and increase international markets. Saber is the first global distribution (GDS) program in the United States and Asia and the Pacific region that will bring Kiwi.com unparalleled content, competitive pricing, smart business intelligence and internet technology. “We want to serve our customers more efficiently and deliver a seamless experience, which will enable us to be successful as soon as the travel industry enters the recovery process,” said Gilles Karle, Chief Strategy Officer at Kiwi.com says. “Saber is a great addition to our family to help us expand our footing around the world; We are grateful for your response to the transfer of COVID-19, as well as continued investment in innovative technologies. “Kiwi.com and Saber share a vision of winning end-to-end sponsors. When properly communicated, Kiwi.com uses many ways to connect air and car into. Create the perfect Saber experience in an investment way. very much in innovation technology (AI) and learning capabilities (ML) to provide its customers with opportunities and enhance its ability to build its own business.