Israel pronounce plan to open international travel for vaccinated foreigners

The Israeli Travel Agency, along with the Ministry of Health, is pleased to announce that on May 23, the country will begin welcoming members of the anti-retroviral group to the country. language by many processes after more than a year of travel due to COVID -19 resistance. “I am pleased to say that Israel is making great strides in resuming international travel this May,” said Eyal Carlin, North American Travel Commissioner. “We are working to develop a concept that allows not only for this city to open its doors to visitors, but to ensure that everyone is safe. We have now arrived, and that is why we are changing this process has started a point. Vaccination has made 60% of Israelis in the United States and Israel use the same vaccine, we hope that by the summer, we can open all our doors and receive any visitors to Israel would like us. A set of guidelines and guidelines will be outlined in the coming weeks. The first part will be a driving program that starts on May 23, allowing more members to travel to Israel – group numbers will increase depending on the general health status and success of the program. . Individual travelers will be admitted until next July (TBD). In all cases, visitors will need to have a PCR test before taking their trip to Israel, and with a serological check to confirm their immunization when they arrive at Ben Gurion Airport. In the meantime, further discussions are underway to reach an agreement on the validity of the vaccination certificate, with the intention of revoking the need for a serological test. Tags: