Introducing 8 Additional designs to Hotel

BERLIN – Set in Japanese cuisine, Zentis Osaka is a 16-story, 222-room hotel that makes waves for French-Japanese and is backed by the world. The new building, Philippe Starck by hotel designer Tara Bernerd designed the hotel and went out for a mix of color palette of brick and wood. Heading north-east and focusing on art is Node Kyoto, a 25-story industrial complex similar to collecting paintings. Here, exhibitors, famous shops and guests promote the local spirit of the restaurant and the indoor bistro serving tableware. To the south, Japan’s Iki Island offers an unobstructed view by the city. With twelve rooms, Iki Retreat Kairi Murakami flies in the center of the world of comfort and beauty with beautiful sea, hot tubs and fresh water. It is a completely different location at The Tuxon Hotel, a 122th Desert Modernist building just 112 from Downtown Tucson, Arizona. A variety of programming, including live music, area art, outdoor art, tastes, and routes, allow guests to stay at the hotel on the go, indoor / n space. ‘Outside we are attracting visitors and the community. One such is the Austin Proper Hotel, the first best hotel outside of California in business and cultural venue in the Texan city of 2nd Street District. The 244 room was designed by Kelly Wearstler, a combination of ceramic and paintings on the table by hand made by Rick Van Dyke, and Magda Saveg. Spending the chillier moments of Moscow at the Richter Hotel offers seven rooms, an art gallery, a theater, a theater, and a radio station in the Central City mansion.