International Ambassador scholarship at university

Essential Description: A teacher who knows and provides financial support for high school students who want to work as tutors for the University of West London. Place of work (s): Western University, UK (s) of study: Time of graduation from the University of West London Number of Scholarships: Up to 100 Scholarships Focused: Cost of Non-EU Non-Student Scholarships: / Up to $ 5,000 Scholarships for the first year of study Eligibility: Applicants must: • Assistant for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at UWL, start training in February, June or September 2021. This means you must have a scholarship for training at this university and have received a grant from one of our recruiting staff. • Students pay full tuition abroad (please note: EU supervisors are not qualified). The winners of the international competition will be given the award of international competitions that demonstrate their enthusiasm and ability to be a true representative of international students. Application Guide: To apply for the job, you must have been given the opportunity to study for a full time or high school at the University of West London. Closing times for transfers are as follows: • 5pm GMT and 29 November 2020 for the January 2021 festival • 5pm GMT and 28 March 2021 for the May 2021 festival • 5pm GMT and 4 July 2021 for the September 2021 festival It is important to visit to the official website (link below) for an application form and for more information on how to apply for this scholarship.