Internal leak open up Wiz Air antiworker practice ,says federaction of European

BRUSSELS – The secret update of the Wizz Air management meeting from April 4, 2020 to the evacuation of workers across the ETF, reveals that the administration sees the COVID-19 problem as a way to “clean up the air” by differentiating opponents from workers determined to drive. At the meeting, a senior Wizz Air senior executive told senior executives that there was a need to release 250 drivers soon and that after completing the training of 150 drivers, they should make a list of 100 more. It gives them two strategies to make their decision, starting with “bad apples, so anyone who has caused you grief in the process, or a serious illness, has not established their ground, poor performance on PPC “ha. “The other thing the manager showed was” weak stubbornness. “Along the way, he would first say,” Hey, you know. We, we knew we had them, but now it was time to clear the plane. Anyone who isn’t a traditional Wizz, well. Everyone is, as you always know, that person is painful. “His words continue in these terms he continues to describe things. That underlie these processes. At one point, he said:” We are in a position here, to let the next 10 years of life Your life is in control, simple. So we will get out of it, as hard workers. Wizz tradition and that is easy to manage in the future, for the future ahead. ”The manager refers to the working drivers for Wizz Air and staffed by an outside company, CONFAIR.You are advised not to view them now and suggest leaving them as a matter of course