IFEMA MADRID releases it leadership in digital business

MADRID – IFEMA MADRID unveiled its new design and image at an event at the IFEMA headquarters of Palacio City, headed by Queen and Queen, as well as the Senate President, the Prime Minister of Madrid, the Minister of Labor, Trade and Steel travel, the President of Madrid, the President of the Madrid Conference, and government officials in Madrid, among other dignitaries, politicians and business people. IFEMA MADRID is moving forward to announce the changes it is making, and to key promotion to its ongoing business process. Transformation seeks to provide digital, supportive, flexible and intelligent content, with the goal of transforming Madrid into a global leader in programs, conferences and meetings. So, with a legacy of 40 years behind it, the current IFEMA MADRID platform, expects what the digital market is looking for by creating its own system that will maximize competitive advantage in addition to expansion business opportunities for 365 days in a year and a deterioration of physical endurance, with a view to a sustained position in global control markets. According to the chairman of the IFEMA MADRID Executive Committee, Jose Vicente de los Mozos, ‚Äútoday, no one asks questions about digital and hybrid conferences, which allows for creativity, competition and gaming. They have come to fill a changing society, which, for IFEMA MADRID, means two challenges: changing its business model and managing not only to Spain but to the international market “Digital and hybrid business: more than 40 euro currencies N ‘using If we add a new digital business model to the current face-to-face business model, it is possible to grow the capacity of IFEMA MADRID The idea is that, in 3 years, 30% of the cost- access will come from the digital site, and the global audience will increase the risk