ICAO combine with UN call for prioritize vaccinations for Aircrews

MONTREAL – ICAO joins four other UN agencies today calling on the country to conduct a COVID-19 vaccination drive for drivers and travelers. In addition to ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu, heads of the International Labor Organization (ILO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), and World Health signed the Special Declaration. Organizationt├╣ (WHO). Dr. Liu explained that, the implementation of current guidelines by the WHO is crucial to the work of the international aviation industry, and it is a full part of the workforce. The joint statement also clarified the WHO recommend that at present the country should not present the question of proof of immunization for international travel as the status of immigration, for both ignorance of the effectiveness of vaccination and transmission reduction, and global availability of vaccines . He emphasized that shipping and air travel play an important role in supporting business and international travel, as well as important factors in maintaining economic and strategic recovery, spoke of the full support of the company. for vaccination certification to facilitate international travel for travelers and air traffic controllers. Dr. Liu said, “As the Partnership Declaration draws attention, the implementation of public health policy with these key actors, including diversity, has led to mergers, complications of employment, and large-scale trade.”