How do we know our own country

Villages, towns and cities throughout the UK have some unique names, but some places share their names with other famous places in the world, how do we know our British islands? To find out, loveholidays surveyed 2,000 people across the UK, asked them where the world was going and they thought they had put their names to UK locations. This study shows how people know English Bulbs, more, if they know where their names are different from their country of origin. Overall, the survey shows that the UK is best known for its Boston location, as well as 45 per cent of the survey shows a market town in Lincolnshire that shares its name with an American city. The most notable destinations are Kingston and Christchurch, with 44% saying they know that both places in the UK are mentioned as far as Jamaica and Barbados. People are not sure that they can find Egypt or Barcelona in the UK, only 3% recommend these places to follow cities and towns in the UK. Data also show that in Scotland, only 13% of people know that a small house called Moscow is hidden in Ayrshire East. However, 61% of Scots know that Perth is of Scottish descent. The data show that the Scots from Glasgow seem to have their identities. 24% of Glaswegians know the City of Scotland, compared to only 6% of those who come from Edinburgh. The suburbs of the East Midlands may not look like NYC, but its residents still know about their big apples, with 27% saying they know about the small towns of New York and Lincolnshire. Data show that more than half (58%) of EM residents know that the city has its name in the American city of Boston, more than a third (36%) know about Melbourne of the East Midlands. Southeast is home to California, in Buckinghamshire. But locals know what kind of solar eclipse in the UK is a small car