Gropu posadas select Duetto coperate it limited service

SAN FRANSISCO – Grupo Posadas has partnered with Duetto, a software-based software vendor as an provider of an effective planning program, to deliver cost-effective and fast-track revenue with a small business Hotels Launched in 2006 in the United States, a hotel is a three star hotel that offers ideal accommodation for those who can afford it. In total, 47 members of Property Hotels include nearly 6,000 rooms to integrate with Duetto’s GameChanger app. Duetto’s GameChanger is a flexible streaming platform that helps members have endless domains, channels, and endless types of buildings over time. Although Grupo Posadas is a long-time customer of Duetto, a Hot Restaurant is a good brand for their portfolio, but in this way, Duetto competes to get the deal. Duetto’s shift in focus and performance, and the new AutoPilot product update released on the launch, are key elements in the decision-making process for Grupo Posadas and Group Hotels. The Hotel Restaurant does not have a financial management system in the world. The brand is looking for a way to be more advanced and automated to enable it to come up with a flexible system that can adapt to product changes. “We are looking for a program that provides the perfect workout to support the services we receive from the Hotels. We also want to save money on effective rates. Using GameChanger and following Duetto’s Pnye Pricing Program will help us achieve this, “said José Lorenzo, Posadas Trade, Technology and Collaborative Committee. Ability to work efficiently, from full vacation area to employee and small staff. Grupo’s decision Posadas to choose Duetto for the brand The hotels have