GBTA pronounced appointment to the Diverty Equity and Inclusion committee

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – The World Trade Organization (GBTA) has announced that its first global delegation will launch the Diversity, Incentive, and Integration Program (DEI) for its members and partners. We select alternatives based on their strong and diverse background and the contributions and insights they will bring to GBTA members internationally. Its aim is to increase international knowledge in the business travel industry where many of the problems associated with DEI are faced by travelers and their colleagues – in the workplace, travel, meeting attendance, or managing travel needs. The committee will provide resources, curriculum, and support to make the travel industry more accessible and promote diversity, cohesion, and participation between our team and the company as a whole. Team members include: J. Grant Caplan, Chairman – U.S. Carol Fergus, President – UK Sharlene Ketwaroo-Nanoo, President – Canada Nidia Quintero, President – Latin America Eric Barger, Airlines Reporting Airlines – U.S. Claire Barrie, Synergy Global Housing – UK Linda Bekoe, By Partners – UK Jill Brady, Bank of America – U.S. Maria Chevalier, PredictX – U.S. Shawn Cole, Delta Lines Delta – U.S. Alex Ferdinand, BWH Foundation Group – Canada Stephen Gheerow, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – U.S. Pauline Houston, SilverDoor Bank – UK Rick Louie, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco – U.S. Chris Maguire, TripBAM – U.S. Micah Nerio, Morgan Stanley – U.S. Jon Purpura, United Airlines – US Teresa Rolack, Peloton Partnership – U.S. Nick Spanoudis, Amazon – USA Emma Wilson, Saber – UK Robyn Christie – South Africa he said. “As we begin our work, I have no doubt that professional and interested team members can achieve many important milestones for diversity, consistency and participation.