G Adventure leads the way with 100th trip worldwide since September

This week, G Adventures marks the milestone of managing 100 safe trips – for potential travelers – as work begins in September between countries where travel is possible. By extension, the tour operator celebrates the opportunity to move forward with his work of transforming lives from travel by supporting travel-dependent communities. The 100th trip that took place on April 02, 2021 in Costa Rica, one of the eleven largest travel destinations has been able to return after the global epidemic and where the world began to make the necessary entry changes. For travelers who cannot travel now due to government regulations, G Adventures offers to use the ‘current book for later travel’ with 15% opt-out for traveler travel and 15% off ‘home of myself ‘for travelers looking for a personal space. , scheduled for April, 2021 and will run until May 30, 2022. All 100 aircraft operating since September have been marked with the ‘G’ travel and safety ’, which is here indefinitely and aims to implement new health and safety travel plans all the way to protect travelers, staff and the local community. These trips also meet ATTA’s Covid-19 Health and Safety, sponsored and developed by G Adventures in partnership with Cleveland Hospital. Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, thanked his team for their commitment to ensuring the safety of travelers, staff and the community, and thanked travelers for their confidence in G Adventures to continue to show them around the world well. “Travel during an epidemic is a personal decision and we have come a long way to ensure that travelers with the desire and ability to investigate can do so safely. To ensure the safety of the community, we have ongoing communications