First record on female travel expenditure

UNITED STATES – A group of Men and Women travelers to the Blog announces the results of the first training that analyzes Women’s spending over the Year. This research covers budget planning, size, travel analysis, time, sources, breaks and more. It is useful for travel agencies and travel agents in their disease distribution concepts. Some surprises are: Older women are looking for a small group that spends money on experience and travel. The girls are eager to be friends / family and meditate on dining experiences. No group has expressed interest in buying as part of the trip. Every year plan some of their trips; group 65+ combine personal planning with professional help. Not surprisingly, 81% of researchers use this method: books (39%), movies (28%) and podcasts (13%) for travel information. The most popular is a week trip. Boomers need longer rest than others. The Boomer travel budget is much larger, than the Milennials. Tags: By Tatiana Rokou Editor Tatiana is the editor for TravelDailyNews (, and His work includes reviewing a number of sources of information for the TravelDailyNews Network and covering the most important ones according to our ideas. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media Studies from the University of Athens University of Public Policy and Public Relations and is also an editor and head of news and program programming.