Everything You Need To Know About Progressive Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Progressive Insurance

Progressive insurance is the third-largest auto insurance company in the United States, with flexible solutions such as usage-based insurance and ride sharing insurance that appeal to a wide spectrum of drivers.

According to our Progressive insurance analysis, the company’s full coverage premiums for excellent drivers are around 19% lower than the national average. Progressive consistently ranks as one of the best vehicle insurance companies in the country by industry assessments.

Is a Progressive insurance program, however, worth the money? In this article, we’ll go over Progressive insurance’s coverage options, examine who Progressive would be a good fit for, and compare it to other popular options.

What Is Progressive Insurance?

Progressive Corporation is an American insurance firm that is the third-largest insurance carrier and the country’s largest commercial auto insurer. As a Corporation Co-founded by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis in 1937, its headquarters is in Mayfield Village, Ohio, USA.

The company covers passenger cars, motorbikes, RVs, trailers, boats, personal watercraft, and commercial vehicles. Progressive also offers home, life, pet, and other insurance options through a network of trusted providers. Having expanded globally, Progressive now provides auto insurance in Australia.

The company is rated 74th on the recently released Fortune 500 list of the top corporations in the United States.

Experts have given Progressive significant marks, including an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customer feedback on Progressive insurance is mixed.

History Of Progressive Insurance

In a bid to offer car owners security and safety, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green founded the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company on the 10th of March, 1937.

They were both lawyers who believed that creating an insurance firm would be an investment worthwhile. 80 years into the line of business, their bet seems to have paid off.

Progressive, as the name suggests, is all about discovering new and inventive methods to improve the auto insurance market. It was the first auto insurer to provide drive-in claims service, and it was also the first to allow customers to pay premiums in instalments rather than annual payments.

In the 1950s, the company’s rapid growth caused a relocation to brand new offices in downtown Cleveland. Following the death of Joseph Lewis in 1955, Jack Green became Progressive’s CEO, and Joseph’s son Peter began a prosperous career with the company.

He immediately began looking for ways to further distinguish Progressive in the marketplace. In 1956, his efforts resulted in the formation of Progressive Casualty Company, a company intended to write auto insurance for high-risk drivers.

In 1965, the Progressive Corporation was formed because of further growth and expansion in the early 1960s.

Still, in the same year, Peter Lewis was appointed CEO, a position he held for 35 years until Glenn Renwick took over in 2000. Tricia Griffith, the current CEO, and the president took over for Renwick in 2016.

Accepting The Internet

Progressive was the world’s first major auto insurer to develop a website. In a groundbreaking step, the site was launched in 1995, and by 1996, consumers could compare prices online.

Only one year later, customers could purchase Progressive vehicle insurance coverage online in real-time.

In 2021, the insurer has a successful direct-to-consumer business, which is supported by a range of 24/7 digital tools, such as online policy service and management, online claims reporting, a rate ticker (a comparison tool), an independent agent finder, chatbots, and an immediate quotation service.

Pros Of Progressive Insurance

  • Provides customizable auto and house insurance coverage.
  • Apart from providing a variety of qualifying discounts, auto insurance discounts are among the greatest in the market.
  • Customers can take advantage of a variety of user-friendly online tools and information.
  • A.M. Best’s rating of above-average signifies the company’s solid financial health.

Cons Of Progressive Insurance

  • According to J.D. Power ratings, home, and car insurance policies are ranked lower than the industry average in terms of claims satisfaction.
  • Compared to other providers, life insurance policy possibilities are limited.
  • Provides only a few options for supplemental house insurance coverage.
  • The NAIC’s complaints index reveals a disproportionately high number of complaints about many of its insurance products.

How Much Does Progressive Cost?

According to our rate estimations, 35-year-old drivers with acceptable credit and clean driving records pay an average of $1,397 per year for full coverage insurance with Progressive. This is 19% less than the annual national average of $1,732.

Progressive is one of the more economical companies on the market, while some drivers may find USAA, Erie, Auto-Owners, State Farm, and Geico to be more affordable.

Of course, several factors determine your vehicle insurance rates and the Progressive rates you get may differ from the estimates above. Unless you live in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, or Washington, you will pay more for vehicle insurance if you have bad credit.

Furthermore, if you have a poor driving record or are an inexperienced driver, your insurance alternatives will be more expensive. Here are a couple more Progressive full coverage pricing estimates based on various driving profiles.

According to their rate estimations, Progressive full coverage insurance is frequently less expensive than the national average premium for high-risk drivers. Drivers with poor credit and DUI convictions are included.

What Coverages does Progressive Car Insurance Offer?

Progressive provides the following categories of standard coverage:

1. Car Liability Insurance

Up to the policy’s limitations, the policyholder is liable for bodily injury or property damage caused by driving.

2. Collision Insurance

The cost of repairing or replacing a damaged car if it collides with another item, such as a tree, railing, fence, or another vehicle.

3. Comprehensive insurance

Events beyond the driver’s control, such as fire, theft, vandalism, colliding with an animal, glass breaking, or natural disasters

4. Medical expenses (MedPay)

Medical and funeral expenses for the policyholder and their passengers, regardless of fault; also covers expenses if the accident occurs in another vehicle in which the policyholder and their family members are riding, or if it hits them while walking or riding a bicycle.

Coverage for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

The policyholder and their passengers experience bodily injuries and the expense of repairing or replacing their car if the at-fault driver has no or insufficient coverage.

Progressive additionally offers the following additional coverage options:

1. Roadside assistance

Progressive roadside service includes jump starts, spare tire installation, fuel delivery, lockout help, and towing.

2. Rental Car Reimbursement

If you encounter an accident that is under coverage, this option reimburses you for a rental automobile up to $60 per day.

3. Loan/lease payoff

When you sum up your automobile, this coverage will pay the difference between the actual cash worth of your car and the amount you still owe on your loan or lease.

Some providers also refer to this insurance coverage as assured asset protection or gap insurance.

4. Value of custom components and equipment

This policy includes aftermarket accessories such as audio systems, navigation systems, and custom paint.

5. Rideshare coverage

Ridesharing insurance protects you while you are between riders while working for a rideshare or delivery service. The availability varies by state.

6. Pet coverage

Progressive provides pet injury insurance on comprehensive plans.

7. Deductible savings bank

This option reduces your deductible by $50 for each six-month period in which you do not have an accident or violation.

Progressive provides accident forgiveness for both minor and major incidents. New policyholders are automatically eligible for small accident forgiveness, which keeps their rates the same if a claim is less than $500.

After five years with Progressive coverage and three years of being claim- and violation-free, you qualify for major accident forgiveness. When your next insurance claim exceeds $500, this benefit keeps your rates the same.

However, it is expedient to note that it only works once and that you must wait another three years to be eligible again.

What does Progressive Insurance Snapshot Program Entail?

Progressive’s Snapshot program is a good option if you want a plan that is personalized to your driving habits. After you sign up, the insurer will follow your driving behaviour using the Snapshot app or a plug-in device for some time.

You may earn a vehicle insurance discount on your coverage based on how safe you are on the road.

However, there is a potential drawback: if Progressive finds that you are a terrible driver, your rate may rise. This is in contrast to other usage-based plans, such as State Farm’s Drive Safe & SaveTM, which does not raise your rate regardless of how poorly you drive.

According to Progressive insurance reviews, the Snapshot program helps many drivers get cheap rates. It can be especially useful for folks who don’t drive frequently or who don’t drive at night.

Does Progressive Insurance Offer Discounts?

Progressive insurance offers a variety of discounts to assist customers to save money on vehicle insurance premiums:

  • Multi-policy discount: By combining auto insurance with additional policies, policyholders can save an average of 5% on premiums.
  • Multi-car discount: An average of 4% off for drivers who have over one vehicle listed on their policy.
  • Continuous insurance: Customers who move to Progressive insurance can save money based on how long it has consistently insured them with their former insurer (s).
  • Snapshot safe driver discount: The app tailors the policyholder’s rate based on their driving record.
  • Teen driver discount: This discount helps to offset some expenses of adding a teen driver to the policy.
  • Good student discount: By adding a full-time student with a B average or higher to their insurance, drivers can save an average of 10% on their premium.
  • Distant student discount: This insurance discount is especially for drivers who are full-time students; either 22 years old or younger and lives more than 100 miles from home, as long as the student does not use a vehicle while in school.
  • Homeowners receive nearly a 10% discount even if it does not insure their home through Progressive insurance’s network of home insurers.
  • Discount for online quotes: Customers who quote their vehicle insurance online or have a professional representative finish their quote over the phone save an average of 7%.
  • Discount for signing paperwork online: For policyholders who sign their documents online.
  • Paperless discount: For policyholders who choose to get their paperwork via email instead of paper.
  • Pay-in-full discount: Available to policyholders who pay for their policy in full upfront.
  • Discount for automatic payments: This discount offer applies to policyholders who set up automatic payments from a checking account, credit card, or debit card.

Does Progressive Offer Home Insurance?

Progressive insures homes and other structures such as detached garages, gazebos, decks, patios, and sheds. It can purchase home insurance in several forms, including dwelling coverage, personal possessions coverage, personal liability insurance, and others.

Progressive’s Home quote Explorer tool allows you to compare homeowners’ insurance rates and coverage from many providers.

1. Dwelling protection

Damage to the house and anything permanently affixed to it, such as the garage, roof, chimneys, deck, countertops, cabinets, floors, and vanities.

2. Other constructions

Structures that are not permanently attached to the home sustain damage.

3. Personal belongings

This home insurance covers belongings such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and tools/power equipment if stolen or damaged

4. Loss of use

Temporary living expenditures, including lodging, rent, and food, if the policyholder’s house is damaged because of a covered loss and he or she cannot stay there.

5. Personal liability

Legal fees incurred because of lawsuits filed against the insured or a family member because of bodily harm or property damage

6. Medical expenses

Medical expenses if someone is injured on the policyholder’s property.

Optional Coverages

1. Backup water supply

Water damage caused by clogged sump pumps and sewer systems

2. Personal injury

Suits against the policyholder are uncommon but costly and may include slander or libel, wrongful entry or malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, and false arrest, detention, or imprisonment.

Does Progressive Home Insurance Offer Discounts?

Of course, Progressive home insurance offers several discounts. They are captured below.

1. Bundle Home and Auto Discount

A 5% discount for grouping home and auto insurance policies (savings applied on auto insurance)

2. Discounts for Safety and Alarm Systems

If the home contains safety features such as automatic sprinklers, security systems, and cameras, the discount will be applied.

3. Quote in advance

For customers who receive a quote at least 10 days before the commencement of their policy.

4. New purchase

Customers who are gaining a new house (which does not have to be newly built) or transferring from a renters’ insurance policy are eligible for this discount.

Progressive Life Insurance

It will interest you to know that Progressive also sells life insurance through eFinancial, a third-party company, eFinancial. You can get any of the following:

1. Term life insurance

Provides coverage for a specified number of years, paying out as long as the policy has not expired and the premiums have been paid.

2. Final expenses insurance

Also called burial insurance, it pays for funeral expenditures, hospital bills, and other connected charges.

3. Universal life insurance  

Also known as adjustable life insurance, this type of policy allows policyholders to increase or decrease their death benefit as well as adjust or skip monthly premiums within certain limits.

4. Variable life insurance

Built-in two parts:

Face value death benefit: A fixed death benefit that is paid out upon the death of the policyholder as long as premiums are paid.

Variable cash value: The cash value fluctuates in response to payments made and the performance of the chosen investments.

5. Whole life insurance

Lifetime coverage with set premiums and cash value components that policyholders may be able to borrow against in the future.

There are a variety of term lengths available, ranging from one year to a permanent policy.

Method of Distribution

For over 75 years, Progressive has formed powerful alliances with the independent agent channel. The company claims to be the leading provider of auto insurance through independent insurance agents.

Progressive will work with about 43,000 agents and brokers from hundreds of firms across the United States in 2021.

Despite its support for the independent agent channel, Progressive has never shied away from experimentation.

To suit changing consumer needs, the insurer provides a variety of direct purchase choices and programs.

Progressive Insurance Reviews

Progressive received 856 points out of a possible 1,000 in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Insurance Shopping StudySM, which interviewed customers to measure satisfaction with each stage of the purchasing process. USAA and Geico received 902 and 869 points, respectively, for 871 points. Progressive received eight points more than the previous year in the same study.

The insurance firm received 862 points out of a possible 1,000 points in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction StudySM (the average was 880).

The survey considered replies from 7,345 vehicle insurance customers who had paid claims over the previous six months.

With the mobile experience, drivers are pleased. In the App Store, the Progressive app has a 3.5-star rating out of 5.0, and on Google Play, it has a 4.1-star rating.


Is Progressive’s claim payment rate satisfactory?

This is referred to as the cases demand phase. Many consumers just add up their repair and medical expenditures and report them to their insurance provider. Progressive is eager to pay a claim amount even if they know you have other losses that will come to light later.What are the benefits of choosing Progressive insurance?

Progressive auto insurance is an excellent option for safe drivers. Its Snapshot program tracks your driving patterns and rewards, safe drivers, with incentives. Progressive’s website includes a “Name your Price” option that matches available coverage with the price you wish to pay for auto insurance.What is Progressive Insurance well-known for?

Progressive is best recognized for promoting innovation in the personal auto industry, but it also writes commercial auto and a variety of other personal lines risks, such as homeowners’ insurance. The company sells insurance directly to consumers or through independent agents.How often do I have to pay for my auto insurance?

Progressive auto insurance provides you with the choice of paying monthly or in full, depending on what works best for your budget. However, if you pay for your six-month policy in advance, you will receive a substantial discount.Is my payment acknowledged right away?

We will accept your payment immediately if you pay online or by phone. Your payment will be accepted on the regularly scheduled date if you have set up automatic payments. If you mail your payment, we will note the postmark date on your envelope and consider your payment made on that day.Is Progressive insurance inexpensive?

According to our full coverage rate estimates, Progressive is around 19% less expensive than the national average. This applies to drivers over the age of 35 with good credit and driving records. Many drivers find cheap car insurance with Progressive, especially those who qualify for discounts, but the only way to discover the best deal for you is to search around.


Progressive insurance is good for high-risk drivers. Rated 9.0 out of 10.0 and recognized as a smart choice for high-risk drivers in 2022. The insurer has a wide selection of auto insurance policies and add-on coverage, although Progressive insurance reviews from customers are mixed.


Everything You Need To Know About Progressive Insurance

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