Event company council welcome a new professional certifide meeting

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – The CMP Professional Meeting (CMP) certification program is recognized around the world as the most beautiful brand in the event industry. publish the full list HERE. “I want to thank the new EIC of the CMP. At a time like this for our company, it is encouraging to witness the efforts that these international business professionals have shown, demonstrate their passion, commitment to excellence and continue learning through the EP CMP program, ”said Amy Calvert, CEO service said “These directors are a testament to our company’s needs and their stability and are in a good position to support the recovery of our company in the future. “EIC started this program in 1985. EIC started the CMP-HC department. In 2014. Both provide a continuing education program, increase understanding, and live work lives in all departments of the company through : Gaining knowledge and management of organizational information. Promoting company values, practices, and practices. Promoting the advancement of the art and science of organization management. Increase the value of CMPs and their employers. the value proposition of the products and services provided by CMP.EIC has expanded its testing options to 2020, including annual reviews and innovation assessments, as part of an ongoing effort to support industry professionals who looking for the title More than 11,000 experts from 40 countries meet with CMP or CMP-HC certification.