EUROCAE sypodium in 2021 to occur between 28-30 April

EUROCAE is announcing the 2021 EUROCAE Symposium, which will take place around April 28 – 30, 2021. This event is free to attend, starting in the afternoon in Europe, so that we can welcome members of our country EUROCAE and all of he loves from the East and the West. The annual meeting of the EUROCAE, with the participation of industry executives and regulators in Europe and the international community, is a unique opportunity to work with airport professionals in a significant way. Topics include: future focus of ATM applications, automation and intelligence (AI), innodàs, glue, environment and support. Employees of other companies will share their experience in implementing innovative technologies and different components will see the role of the standard for sustainable recovery. The new session with the high level ICAO, EC, EASA and IATA directors will focus on aircraft. “The purpose of this event is to gather important facts, ideas and advice from all stakeholders in the airline industry, bringing together senior executives and representatives from European and international companies. , and domestic workers. ”, Christian Schleifer of EUROCAE. . “We are honored to have an introductory speech by Henrik Hololei, Director General of Transport and Transport, the European Commission, senior executives and key experts in the next six departments. We look forward to working together and finalizing to design, design and guide the EUROCAE concept on how to support aircraft development and achieve comprehensive airports, ”Christian concluded.