EUROCAE Award winner, pronounced

2020 was a year of unprecedented prosperity. The airport ended early when the COVID-19 hit the world – but has not yet begun, especially at a critical stage. However, EUROCAE experts did not stop their support for the development of the highest quality aviation standards. During the 2020 season, in total, staff of the EUROCAE Group published 30 books. TIS -B “on page 1492 with ‘Attachments’). Don’t forget: these professionals are volunteers. Most part-time jobs are “at home” but they need to keep their job promise and requirements through the EUROCAE service. Christian Schleifer, general secretary, said, “We are grateful to all our members who have seen the professional support of the team working in EUROCAE during these difficult times for air travel.” “The success of EUROCAE cannot be achieved without the valuable contributions of everyone and professionals. Understanding their efforts and contributions is the least we can do but I think it means a lot to everyone. and awards ceremony, the winners were selected in 25 different categories: Ken Carpenter – Achievement Award for his dedication and contribution to the development of the stages for Air Pollution Control and Performance 75. Marc Poncon – Professional Coalition for the Skills excellent Working Group 14 (Environment) Denis Bouvet – International Coalition Award for his work in connection with EUROCAE / RTCA in Group 62 (GALILEO) and Special Committee 159 for the development of GALILEO-related processes.