EROCEA and RTAC release international aviation software

EUROCAE and RTCA, Inc. announces an international program for aviation software professionals. The Soviet International Conference, which took place on June 23 and 24, 2021, is free to attend and includes two and a half hours of daily programming with the required time. The program, owned by EUROCAE and RTCA, Inc. has developed, brought together industry, government and academia to integrate on existing software applications and create discussions for future development. The program defines culture and innovation needs and integrates audiences with knowledgeable professionals in the software space. Topics include: Value Software Value for Current Travel Methods, Spread Rules and Software Laws for Newcomers (UAM, UAS, Automobiles Automobiles), Using Additions to Your Software Development Program, Challenges and UAM Device Control Certificate and more. Terry McVenes, President and CEO of RTCA, Inc. said, and collaborates with professionals and experts from all over the world on software to ensure that our ongoing development efforts represent the needs of the industry. “Software standards are basic, well-integrated and an important part of the certification process. ED-12, DO-178 and standard decks for ground systems, are known and used worldwide. This software conference will help us carry out those guidelines in air travel, from now on, guarantee future and important contributions to safety at the airport. tell