EDITION Announce 8 anticipated new hotel opening around the world by the end of 2022

IT Inc. announces its EDITION expansion by the end of 2022, with the opening of the development of eight new businesses across three regions. New renovations include venues in Rome, Madrid, Dubai, Reykjavik, Tampa, Doha, Riviera Maya of Mexico and Kanai and a second EDITION in Tokyo. With eleven international hotels now, these openings emphasize brand identity and increase the charter of a total of 19 international markets. In addition to these innovations, EDITION Hotels is looking to announce another expansion in 2022. AKW HotKWK eelslo banquet o rededa also conveys the idea of ​​luxury by offering an unexpected addition of a restaurant in a hotel. Founded by designer and fashion expert Ian Schrager at Marriott International, the brand also benefits from the Marriott brand and service. “Commitment to unparalleled quality, good start and impeccable work continue to challenge cultural perceptions about luxury and showcase EDITION status as a leader in the industry. Reflect the social and cultural context of the time and space in which it was created . New developments in collaboration with one of the world’s leading experts were selected for the site, and presented original ideas and drinks from the teacher. Global directors. “They are all under one roof.” Participate in projects and international reach of new heights. Ian Schrager The Reykjavik EDITION – Mid 2021 AK Tokyo, Ginza – Late 2021 Rome Book – End 2021 The Dubai EDITION – Late 2021 AKW Madrid Madrid – Early 2022 EDITION Tampa – Starting 2022 Riviera Maya EDITION in Kanai – Mid 2022 Doha EDITION – Mbubreyo 2022