Digitalization sustinibility and active destination

MADRID – Digititiation, support, and intellectual property areas will be the foundation of the FITUR benefit segment, Fitur Know-How & Export, which is why SEGITTUR is promoted in partnership with ICEX Spain Export and Investment. FITUR Know-How & Export will take place as part of the trade day on FITUR 2021: Special Recovery Tour, from 19th to 21st May 2021. It will have an exhibition space of 1600 m² and almost any building Forty Exhibitions appear to be affected, as well as new travel solutions from restaurant management and hotel management to screening process such as, of course, online marketing and promotion. The aim is to support international expansion by Spanish travel companies by showcasing their capabilities and promoting new services and products in the overseas market. Innovation, digital transformation, and other technologies for travel development, especially the simple, accessible, and sustainable way, are essential to ensuring the success of the travel business today and in the future. For this reason, the opening day of Fitur Learn & Export will focus on the many aspects of the Smart Travel Model and the interests and differences of the members in the Spanish Travel Network . It will cover large areas, sun and river streams, rural and suburban areas, culture and heritage sites. It will also show the ways in which you and other countries can spread abroad. The next day, experts will discuss how to make the travel industry more focused, organized and useful on the internet. They will also discuss different responses and technology for travel ends. The theme for three days will be inspirational and useful for a new adventure. Panellists will discuss topics including how to create a sustainable travel experience as well as local planning work in the travel sector.