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LAS VEGAS – Diamond Vacations has launched the Google cloud platform as part of the company’s digital conversion platform. Diamond uses Looker and BigQuery technologies to predict accurate travel, monitor housing rates, identify costs and reduce costs during an epidemic. With the help of timely customer insights, Diamond has been able to promote ideas to open its infrastructure internationally and meet the needs of speed conversion companies. Mike Flaskey, CEO of Diamond Resorts said, “While no one can predict the impact of this disease, we are grateful that we have been able to increase the number of our companies in the last few years. “An important part of this is the implementation of Looker which allows us to make speed data decisions during unprecedented history.” Since opening its resort at the end of May, Diamond has garnered strong demand and attracted more than 370,000 visitors, attracting more than $ 200 million in interest from new holiday owners. It’s a thousand-year journey that this should be about living life – including personal music and popular music – appealing to the younger generation. As travelers continue to find more opportunities in the professional management of “one-on-one” travel, vacation time is one of the easiest ways for a family to experience unique and unique experiences. Through the establishment of Looker as a knowledgeable business organization, Diamond Resorts is able to keep up with new reservations, planning and checks at resorts on time. Using these tips, Diamond has identified the following 2021 travel ideas: Drug Prevention: Registration for the rainy season and fall this year is 51% compared to Q2 2020 as travelers expect to travel travel vaccine. As vaccinations have increased, visitors from mid-February have arrived