Criton and TLJ access control partner to contactless mobile phone

EDINBURGH – The award-winning Criton integration package with the TLJ Access Control provider of electronic locks is integrated to create a unique restaurant experience to deliver a seamless guest experience, including phone and cell phone calls. To meet the growing demand for modern property and connectivity, the partnership will allow restaurants and hotels to reduce contact area, save the cost of plastic key cards and organize services by helping guests use their phone to search and to find their home. Using the certificate information, visitors can retrieve their reservation using the custom restaurant application and custom menu, customize the non-queue in the collection and click the lobby that appears in the application. When you experience the unparalleled peace of mind and unparalleled comfort for the guest, the program offers the company’s customers a huge advantage. By the lock key is ‘almost online’, which means hotel management and even the hotel has access to a time check system. This provides visibility for things such as low battery levels, such as ease of use for how and when each door opens. Julie Grieve, founder and director of Criton, said: “System connectivity has always been one of our priorities, I am pleased that our system is now integrated with TLJ Access Control which provides control. Life to the world. I am pleased that together, Criton and TLJ, will make many sources around the world providing software – first and foremost, which is now important for employees to save money and organize their work with visitors to maintain social interaction to themselves and reduce physical defects.