Covid 19 sparks a collapse in Conference tourism(largest hit)

Ostervatorio Italiano dei Congressi e degli Eventi – OICE] Ostervatorio Italiano dei Congressi e degli Eventi – OICE by the University of Economics and International Relations Graduate of Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – ASERI shows a great reduction in tribute to the congregation and the event. a potential area for insect pests from food, airplanes and travel crews Covid-19 causes devastating effects at conferences and event venues. According to Ostali Research and Event, the venue has reduced tax revenue by 79% by 2020. Meetings, exhibition halls, restaurants and hotels, accommodation, venue history and other programming means has been one of the most difficult companies in the travel industry. According to the Istat survey, revenue for 2019 fell by 37.2% for food service, 54.9% for domestic service, 60.5% for airline and 76.3% for transport workers and travelers. Meetings and events held in Italy in 2020 The donation of funds registered from other sources is a clear indication of the disruption of activities affecting the entire conference industry. The study, supported by Federcongressi & eventi, local representative, led by ASERI – Graduate School of Business and International Relations of the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, highlighted the display of exhibits, all exclusively previous. According to a survey based on events and conferences held in Italy since 2014, 69,880 events took place in 2020, a significant increase of 83.8% from 2019. The return is in the form of ‘day events’ . That work followed by a vicious cycle. Attendance was 5,847,330 (-86.5%), during the working day without exception and loss, accumulated 95,020 (-84.5%), which corresponds to an average of 24.8 of incidents per workplace. Almost 30% of