Covid 19 checking company tells Government to reduce testing restriction for holiday maker

Ahead of a announcement by the UK government in anticipation of a way to resume international travel (Monday 5th April), research firm COVID-19 Cignpost ExpressTest has called on the Government to reduce testing restrictions for lawmakers. Under current rules, anyone traveling overseas and back to the UK should try four COVID-19 tests and exclude 10 days, as well as the option of a fifth test to reduce their waiting time. But the chief medical officer at Cignpost ExpressTest, Professor Denis Kinane, believes it could reduce the number of tests by three and eliminate the need for a return on the UK: the spread of the new virus from abroad, the current government has overcome a lot. “Standard PCR scanning can detect high-level and specification proteins. “One test out in the UK, another before returning home and after the last test two days later it is enough to show visitors that there are no proteins. Then there will be no need for people to wait while they return UK. ” Such a change in the law would allow people to travel abroad and return immediately to work on their return, and would also ensure that anyone considering the impact could already be isolated. ” The government now needs a test that will bring great improvements because people are going on vacation not only with the support of scientists.The government can keep the “red list” of countries where travel is not possible, especially because there is a new version of COVID-19 whose immunity will not be protected. “The company has asked the Government to reduce the number of tests and the need for isolation as part of its plan to resume international travel, which it hopes to announced by the Minister of Lands on April 5th. Call from Cignpost Exp