Courtyard by marrit St George Advance loT locked door

STOKHOLM – ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions as the new savior of space technology to security, according to Marriott St. George has chosen to improve the security of its guests, its quality and performance and the VingCard Classic RFID port at Mobile Access. When the flawless promotion process is completed in more than a week, 131 guest property can ensure the safety of new guests by using a private lock-in system while providing each guest with a flaw and contact analysis and access to personal devices . head protection. Using technology that predicts the future of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, Courtyard St. George can also adapt VingCard Classic RFID’s IoT to address hotel renewal needs in addition to reducing energy costs. Jim said, “We set ourselves the goal of being one of the top hotels in Utah and technology and reviewed many competing companies to see who would deliver the desired results, and that ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is coming out of all parties, ”said Plant, Chief Engineer and Park by Marriott St. George. “The company’s solutions represent a new milestone that companies have to offer in terms of meeting guest requirements for advanced security, deep social capabilities and immediate quality. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is able to provide speed and speed improvement without any problems which is why we are satisfied with our decision to work with them. With the VingCard Classic RFID installed alongside Visionline’s world-class control system, hotel staff can access and manage all security access services from the central location. This also includes the opportunity to stay with guests or allow access to other hotel areas such as accommodation.