Convention Burean Italy,Box IT

TFLORENCE, ITALY – During this Webcast Live, hosted on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 4:00 pm CET, Italy Conference, a non-profit organization representing sports executives at the MICE Center Italy and the promotion of astali as a destination for foreign objects, will open and make BoxIT available internationally. BoxIT is an unparalleled digital platform, developed and developed by CBItalia during blockchain 2020 that facilitates discussions between select carriers and foreign buyers for the best and easiest. Live Webcast will feature an in-depth technical presentation of the altar. BoxIT is designed with two vents in mind: on the one hand to act as a ‘virtual window’ that looks, observes, gives its users regular updates about the opening day and about the new security system, as well as also introduces buyers in new and fresh news. at MICE in Italy, to give them a special time when the machine will return to the market. On the other hand, when things go back, BoxIT will act as a platform for MICE-related business in Italy, a powerful tool – uncomplicated – that can overcome the end of a group or services B2B online time round the team fills a space: the customer understands with his staff at all times, supporting them to succeed their conference venues regardless of where they are or when they are used. Despite BoxIT’s primary goal is to keep the global market up to date and relevant about the MICE situation in Italy, it remains.