CLIA issues statement reiterating its call for the lifting of the CDC’s conditional

WASHINGTON, DC – CLIA, which represents 95% of the international maritime authority and the largest network of maritime and maritime authorities, has reiterated its call for a Framework for Condition Sailing Order (CSO) . Move – release the following details: We share the importance of Biden management to control the virus – and praise the significant progress it has made in the US that is a model for others. We respect the CDC’s ability to formulate policies for the common good. Anyway, the crew regulations incorporated in the April 2 issue of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under the Chamber of Commerce (CSO) are disappointing. The new questions are huge, ineffective, and appear to show a sense of purpose instead of eliminating COVID which is the basis for the rest of America. The impact of these new rules is that nearly half a million Americans – from remote travelers to hotel staff, restaurants and restaurant staff, and retailers, of the travel industry, including thousands of shipping, continues to suffer financially and inefficiently for the return of driving. In addition, the guidelines do not comply with the CDC and government guidelines in other parts of the world on other travel and other travel destinations that reduce the risk of COVID-19. On the same day that the CDC unveiled a much-loved new package for the transport industry, five months after the first order was placed, the CDC provided comfort for domestic and international travel due to restrictions on vaccinations and collection conditions. .