Car Traveler signs in car rental partnership with travel booking

CarTrawler, a B2B developer that brings car rental and travel to other countries, has announced that it has started its partnership with a fast-growing app, Hopper. This partnership gives Hopper customers a unique selection of car rentals worldwide. Hopper is a travel booking application that uses data typing tools to save time and customers, money, and hassle when planning a trip. To continue to meet the needs of modern travelers, in the fall of 2020, Hopper is expanding its travel partners to request immediate car rental facilities. Hopper offers unparalleled rates and flexible washing options and customized car rental to help make the seating process easier and more convenient for travelers. Aileen McCormack, marketing director at CarTrawler said: “I am delighted to announce this partnership with Hopper, a new face-to-face application that will help its customers rent an international car. Hopper’s business model is to introduce the first delivery system, approved by CarTrawler, to ensure an endless customer experience. Even Malkani, CEO of Land and Hopper, said: “We are excited to work with CarTrawler to provide our customers with the best car rental services. As we continue to expand our car rental offerings, having more products added to the app will help us meet the needs of every traveler and provide better deals and options to improve our thinking. Ours, books and travel charges to our customers.