Beoing as dropped 50% revenue since 2018 $58.16B

Boeing is one of the largest airlines in the world, but the largest airline has experienced turmoil in recent years. Even before the 2020 pandemic of Coronavirus, the company had suffered a lot in many quarters due to the huge global controversy surrounding a plane. According to data released by, Boeing revenue of $ 58.16 in 2020 is 42.5% lower compared to the 2018 record high of $ 101B – CAGR of -24.16%. Boeing revenues decline in 2018 Back in 2018, Boeing is jumping high after crossing the $ 100B mark in revenue for the first time in corporate history. With the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 one of the new Boeing aircraft models, the 737 MAX 8, had two crashes in 5 months. send international coverage of 737 MAX and suspend or cancel the rules for such innovations. As a result Boeing revenue has dropped by 24% YoY in 2019. To address the further problem Boeing is currently facing, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by 2020 leading to a significant reduction for all travel and transportation. As a result, Boeing revenue decreased by another 24% YoY by 2020. Through Boeing gain the CAGR of -24.16% Boeing Falling Behind Rivals Airbus Industry All aircraft have been severely affected by this disease which by 2020. Many countries countries near their borders to protect their citizens in the fight against this disease that hinders international travel. As a result, airlines are experiencing a sharp drop in revenue in 2020 and airbus with a 37% YoY. However, the Boeing crisis that began before 2020 and the 2019 security crisis also left Boeing behind Airbus in terms of process and delivery. In 2020, Airbus registered an additional 383 orders