Avendra choose TraknProtect as a preferred provider of hotel staff secure and location technology

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – TraknProtect, a pioneer of industry-leading brands for the hotel industry and a provider of security keys for many types of hotels, is pleased to announce today that it has been selected to the provider your favorite security. Avendra, a leading company in the business of hospitality services. Following a strong acceptance support system, TraknProtect is now able to provide Avendra team members such as Hyatt Hotels with unparalleled access to quality based on proven companies to maintain security, efficiently and game storage. Since the safety of hotel staff is a top priority for office workers such as law enforcement officers, TraknProtect is ready to provide the Avendra team with the highest level of industry with the goal of building a Security Key. By ensuring that users are well prepared to use their own devices as well as through the portal gateway, TraknProtect can ensure that the transfer of a key brings the right personnel immediately for an emergency. As local governments, governments and governments continue to issue new rules on workers ’safety requirements, TraknProtect’s understanding means Avendra’s right to abide by such a law, including the requirements of these groups and in accordance with the requirements under Promise AHLA 5-Star. In addition, TraknProtect only has storage security to be sent to the flexible server using your own BLE / WiFi gateway, LTE cellular solution or using available wireless network adapters (WAPs). Unlike the answer to the security key, the TraknProtect network of doors is also the only platform currently capable of giving homeowners full access to location-based technologies. Avendra members can, for example, use the network to distribute TraknKleen,