ATPI extend Global network for new partner

New partners across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America are part of the global ATPI network. The expansion enables the advent of international travel management and major events in a critical position for managing your customer’s inbox. In Spain, new partner Azul Marino is expanding its office locations in Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. A strong addition to the growing ATPI platform in Latin America, Quito-based Quito-based Euroviajes brought Ecuador to the Group, following the appointment of a new network operator in Peru in 2020. Going there east and a key position for the global power industry, Erbil is the first Air Force to be added to its representative in Iraq. While in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh capital Quang Thinh launched the ATPI network in South East Asia. As one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, Vietnam is an additional source of support for the growing ATPI market in the region. Jeroen van Hest, President of ATPI, explains: “Making our partnership reach the most important areas for our customers makes clear the high levels of self-service delivery in the real estate market. We manually select our network partners and use our local reputation to promote our international business. As our customers around the world continue to face the challenge of traveling and delivering important business services during the Covid-19 disaster, we are proud to have the best team in our country and cities. around the world is an important field for industry employees. we represent. Four new partners in the long-term extension follow the positions of partners in Egypt, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Qatar and Peru in 2020. New Internet Users