ATPCO release new content covering test and vaccinations request for over 100 Air line

DULLES, VA – As vaccines are spreading around the world and abroad requiring unsafe COVID-19 testing for travelers before they travel, legal confusion also requires concern for the certification. To address this issue and ensure that airlines can share the most comprehensive information, ATPCO has introduced new Routehappy content: COVID-19 reviews and Escape Medicine. This new information provides relevant information about the country and aircraft that require proof that the COVID-19 test is valid prior to release if medication is required to enter the country. While no government wants vaccines to enter your area, ATPCO has expanded this data to ensure it can serve the company as soon as the airline market needs it. Systems and channels will be able to use existing links to Routehappy content integration without the need to go through a new or long-term development process. With your travel needs constantly changing, customers must have conflicting information and sometimes confusing times when buying a plane ticket. With the latest certification information for testing and anticipation required in a structured system, ATPCO has designed and edited content for 102 aircraft, covering more than 75% of the global mileage, using simple techniques, yellow text and display. ATPCO has developed this new content to solve problems for airlines and channel partners as well as for buyers and aircraft customers already in multiple channels, including Saber and Serko. “Science is changing rapidly, so countries, airlines, and channels will change the requirements for travel in an unprecedented way. It is almost impossible for even the most discerning traveler to follow these changes on their own, ”said Jonathan Savitch, CEO.