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In exchange from previous months, the GDPPAR index in the United States changed in February to $ 10.82, up 675.5% higher than in January. While jumping after the last eight months of the last 10 months was as bad as the reason for the celebration, GOPPAR in February declined 89.5% over the same period last year. According to HotStats, the investment in development and gaming is to jump to two rooms at full cost. RevPAR increased to $ 14 on January to $ 50.81, while TRevPAR increased to $ 20 to $ 73.81. Cc live on the moon is almost 30% off, which is likely to be the highest mark since March 2020. The seventh quarter of the month is related to the rise in its population over the last March. As their taxes increase, these revenues continue to fall. Job levels at home levels were $ 33.13, which is 67.1% lower than the same period last year and less than $ 2 high last month. Uninterrupted sector spending over the YOY year, including manufacturing, fell 22.9%. The inflation rate is 49.6% YOY. We recorded gains in 14.7% – the highest since last February with only a quarter in 12 months and a good KPI. PINAKAS Europe Befuddled Good data can not be obtained in the US and Europe, which continues to avoid problems of COVID-related countries. RevPAR is also in the mud during the month, with no progress on entries and rates. At .6 13.66, RevPAR went down 85% YOY. Lack of funding hindered TRevPAR and no money threw GOPPAR into the wrong area for the fifth month, at .9 10.98. Despite spending, the average profit margin is -48.5%.