Anvil Gruop and Sap concur join forceses to deliver international assistance

Anvil N announces SAP Concur Connection which includes connectivity between your video player, Risks, and data from SAP Concur solutions via API (Application Processor). The link brings travel information compiled from Concur Travel, Concur TripLink, TripIt from Concur, and Concur Request. Matthew Judge, general manager of the Anvil Group, said: “Events over the past few years have taught us that health and safety problems are not the only area of ​​contention. “With terrorist attacks, natural disasters and epidemics around the world, risk management and many travel forecasting discussions have taken place, but the company must move forward if they are prepared and to manage the event properly and protect them from international travel users. ” Currently at the SAP Concur Application Center, Riskmatics provides members with the speed and flexibility of identifying major threats, advising victims and explaining what to do in real-time monitoring for an alarming alarm system where decision based on thousands of compilation sources. reviewed by Dedicated Anvil provides for those experienced in risk assessment, with the support of a team of health and safety professionals. “Global customer solutions use Riskmatics Anvil solution to protect their people, property, and action against risk,” the judge continues. “This SAP Concur partnership allows us to scale up and expand end-to-end services available in the evenings of the hospital, including emergency situations where staff may be affected by traumatic events, communication in time to determine their safety, as well as providing them with adequate security and medical assistance anywhere in the world. ”Tags: