ANIXE Insight; long awaiting vacation motivates vaccinations

And although the incident and death rates are from the roof compared to a year ago, we are no longer afraid. This is Covid Y2Q1, we have made everything but that protein for dinner. People have put our joy on their heads. We can be thankful for someone’s opinion for that. As we all come to the conclusion that covid is not going anywhere, we have dedicated our lives to COVID in mind such as medical advice, intellectual skills and self-efficacy. The development and launch of many vaccines around the world has left little hope and fear for others through the image of an international system where privacy, choice and human freedom is a thing of the past. Let’s look at China today. Your infection / vaccine on your cell phone, soon on the pages embedded under your skin. CCTV cameras for both people, with a purpose of 1: 1. A tool that pays you for good social interaction, and removes the subject for human misconduct (in this case, which includes screening, screen removal take it off or take it under your nose Go to the theater, take the plane to another place You or leave your home.The Chinese people do not complain.They have been Communist since the beginning of time.This is 5G just for them.But how does the rest of the world fare? Weekly and weekly trips take place in several blocks