Air France KLM combine with Accelya to give parsonalized ,dynamic and bundle offer

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Accelya, the global leader of the airline, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Air France-KLM to focus on the delivery of private friends. Through this agreement, the airline will use the FLX Merchandise to deliver a hefty price tag for grandparents (or payment options) and to provide airline customers with its channel through NDC. “Our customers are focused on personal, other options to choose from, the most important friends, such as saving and travel experience,” said Pieter Bootsma, Chief Revenue Officer, Air France-KLM. “We have made significant contributions over the past year and this guide to the FLX Product solution provided by Accelya will help us bring this rich advancement of our business partners in Air France and KLM directly over the NDC channel over the years to come. ” The FLX product is an airline management and control company that allows airlines to create customized products and services for a variety of market channels, including, mobile, kioks, companies call service, and corporate travel (guide to or from GDS). Using FLX, Air France and KLM will deliver fantastic discounts for collection (or payment options) to customers worldwide on its channels with NDC. Using this method, the chair will change cost, power time, depending on the need. This service will improve access to controls for aircraft and provide their customers with transfers.