Accor transform the geust experience

Hotel 1st Hotel in Northern Europe offers a 100% digital experience that will open its doors. A big step forward for Accor, whose goal is to provide unrestricted travel with its network, and to use the best technology. Accor recently announced the “Key Accor”, a solution that allows customers to enter their room without physical disturbance, and all its features. Aim: make it easy in front of our guests using digital technology, and human hand protection which is the best strength of our company. If there is a health problem, this change also makes it possible to respond to new problems of social exclusion. as a result, many restaurants are gradually adapting to the latest technology in the world … customer travel will be limited for Accor hotel months and years to come. “We know that guests are looking for an electric tour and a hotel experience that is easy to use, we want to make sure they can do this”, said Carla Milovanov, SVP Customer Service, Accor. “Technology is a part of our day. Live and be a perfect part of our restaurant experience – through this special process, we give our guests the opportunity to make changes for their hotel as theirs. They love it.” Styles London Gloucester Road – the group’s first hotel to promote a 100% digital design system – will open its doors when health promotions rise in the United Kingdom in May. The hotel will be the 1st Accor Bank in Northern Europe offering a complete digital experience and solution without communication at level b