Access point Financial appoint Bruce Lowrey as Chief Officer

ATLANTA – Access Point Financial, LLC (APF), a leading lender and lender-focused lender company, has announced plans to meet Bruce Lowrey as chief investment officer. Following the appointment of Michael Lipson as CEO, Lowrey’s addition to the APF-led team is part of the company’s expansion, as the global hospitality market continues to grow. The look is getting better and better with other restaurants and resorts requiring flexible spending options to set up their business for a successful recovery. Michael Lipson, CEO of Access Point Financial, said, “We are honored to welcome Bruce to his new position as Chief Creditor and look forward to spending his many years with the company dedicated to a broader value. APF and its customers. ” “Like other hotels planning to open their doors, APF is pleased to have a director like Lowrey, who can identify and provide the financial services that hospitality professionals today need to improve their services. business success. ”Lowrey brings more than 30 years of financial experience into his new role as Chief Financial Officer, including a renowned expert in investing in retail business, such as capital marketing and CRE operations management. Dedicated to meeting the financial needs of the hospitality industry from its inception, Lowrey’s previous career before joining APF included serving as Chief Executive Officer for Rockbridge Capital, a $ 2 billion hotel where Lowrey has taken the lead in the development of the credit system. Go