60% of US adults like to go on vacation in this summer

Summer is approaching, as families plan their vacation and cancer will continue? ENGINE technology conducted a study to find out, then revealed that 60% of US adults can go on vacation this holiday season, 35% think now is a good time to check in or travel. Of those who are able to go on vacation, their main priorities include: 43% – You only want to ‘go out’ after a long stay at home 34% – Safe after a year in safety as part of the relationship your area 31% – Getting a vaccine for COVID-19 / hoping to get it in the summer On the other hand, people will not expect the sun to say the following: 38% – Just uncomfortable, regardless of age as your employer requires 38% insurance – Financial situation is the same or worse compared to 35 years ago – still plans to stay home until coronavirus problems are reduced