2022 Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program

The Shuttleworth Foundation is glad to announce its Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program. The opportunity is open to international applicants.

The Foundation offers the Shuttleworth Foundation grant and Fellowship to individuals to implement their innovative idea of ​​social change. What they are most interested in are the extraordinary ideas at the interface of technology, knowledge, and learning, where openness is the main requirement.

About the Sponsor: Shuttleworth Foundation

The Shuttleworth Foundation is a small social investor that provides financial resources to dynamic leaders at the forefront of social change. It was established in January 2001 by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth as an experiment with the purpose of providing funding for people engaged in social change.

They are looking for social innovators who could help improve the world and benefit from another social investment model. They identify extraordinary people, award a scholarship, and multiply the amount of their investment in their own projects.

More About the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program 2022

Host Nationality

This Fellowship is hosted by Shuttleworth Foundation in South Africa.

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Eligible Nationality

This Shuttleworth Foundation grant is available to international students only.

Scholarship Worth

The fellowship grant covers the cost of the Fellow’s time for a year and is guaranteed to the fellow for that year. The grant amount varies and is determined by each Fellow’s salary equivalent outside of the fellowship.

Eligibility Requirements for Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship

This fellowship is made up of people ranging from college dropouts to doctors (academics and clinics), students, faculty, enthusiastic newcomers, and seasoned veterans.

They come from everywhere and work where they can make the biggest difference. The common profile is openness, commitment, and valor.

Anyone can become a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. Basically, you don’t:

  • need a specific level of education or you may have a doctorate.
  • need years of experience in the world of work or a promising millennium.
  • have to belong to any particular geography or nationality, you just have to speak fluent English.
  • You should be able to motivate why you are the best person and how this association could help you.
  • have to have an organization, but you can do it if you want, and it can be for-profit or not.
  • You do not have to have a specific gender. You do not even have to create software.
  • You should have a clear idea of ​​how you can help improve the world
  • You should be able to articulate the problem and your idea should offer a new approach

How to Apply for Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program 2022

A complete Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship application includes

  • This online application form
  • Your application video – no more than 5 minutes
  • Your CV
    Please do not use more than 1500 characters per essay.

Apply Here

Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program 2022 Application Deadline

Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Application Deadline is on 1 June, annually SCHOLARSHIP LINK

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2022 Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program

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