2022 10 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops To Students

2022 10 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops To Students

In the twenty-first century, higher education is reliant on technology, and providing free laptops for college students is an apparent method for universities to make technology more accessible. 

Every free laptop college has its own set of circumstances and regulations; sometimes you can attend online classes with a free laptop rental, and occasionally a free laptop for college is just that – a free laptop for college. Some colleges provide students with a free iPad or even an iPad Pro. 

A select colleges, such as Seton Hall, will even provide students with a free laptop and tablet. The COVID-19 pandemic has, unsurprisingly, given a boost to the use of technology in online college education. To learn and pursue their online education, college students now simply need an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer

On that subject, it’s worth noting that some institutions with laptop programs provide computers to students for free, while others offer them at a subsidized rate. This article will highlight  10 colleges that offer free laptops for college students.

What Is The Best Way For Me To Get a Free Laptop?

If you’re considering returning to school, you’re probably aware of the advantages of having your own laptop or tablet for personal study time on your own terms. Computers are apparently costly, and there is a special deal for those who cannot afford laptops.

Many online institutions provide free laptops and iPads to students to assist them in taking classes, and some even give free iPads to new freshmen enrolled in four-year programs.

As a student, you’ll need a reliable computing device to access lectures, student services, word processing software, and other resources during your academic career.

Furthermore, owning your own laptop gives you greater flexibility in terms of when and where you may complete coursework; no more rushing home, to the library, or looking for a computer with internet access simply to finish your work online.

Also, rather than compromising your privacy on a shared public computer, a laptop provides the assurance of knowing your information is safe on your personal device.

Ten Colleges That Provide Free Laptops To Students.

1. The Duke University Global Health Institute

Students at Duke University’s Global Health Institute can participate in a free iPad program. The Global Health Institute is a multidisciplinary research and degree-granting center committed to global public health. 

The GHI’s aim is to bring together information and skills from throughout Duke University in order to address health concerns from all perspectives – scientific, medical, political, social, environmental, and economic. 

As a technologically advanced curriculum, the school offers free laptops for college students.

Duke University is one of the most prominent universities in the world, ranking among the elite Southern Ivies. It is noted for being at the forefront of research, education, and practice.

With the Duke Endowment, given by tobacco tycoon James B. Duke, Duke became one of the wealthiest private research colleges in the country so it can afford free laptops for college students.

 Duke University’s $8.5 billion endowment supports some of the world’s most cutting-edge medical and technological research. It has also enabled Duke to become a tuition-free institution.

2. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University’s Technology Grant program, which provides free laptops for college students in need, is an important tool for the university to support students who need financial assistance. 

Students who receive need-based aid, merit scholarships, or athletic scholarships are eligible to apply for the Technology Grant, which includes a WakeWare laptop and insurance. 

Even students who do not qualify for the Technology Grant can get a reduced WakeWare device with their free laptop for college, which includes insurance, tech support, and maintenance services.

Wake Forest University, a highly regarded private research university founded in 1834, is frequently referred to as one of the Southern Ivies.

Wake Forest University, which is known for its medical, business, and biotech programs and is routinely among the nation’s most prestigious and selective institutions. It makes every effort to encourage students from impoverished and marginalized backgrounds. 

WFU ensures that the most eligible students, regardless of cost, are admitted through programs like the Technology Grant.

3. Dakota State University

The tablet program at Dakota State University, which is part of the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative (which began in 2004), distributes free laptops for college students entering. 

The tablet initiative, which is tailored to the needs of Dakota State students, aims to contribute to a paperless classroom by allowing students to take notes, record audio, complete and turn in assignments, and do just about everything else on one device. 

For the duration of the student’s academic career, the Fujitsu tablet PC comes with free tech support, maintenance, and battery replacement. 

Dakota State University began as a teacher training institution in 1881, but in 1984 it was designated as South Dakota’s technical university, and DSU has stayed true to that objective. Dakota State is a national leader in online education and has been named a Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity by the National Security Agency. 

In addition to being one of the first campuses to be fully equipped with wifi technology and one of the first to offer free laptops for college students, Dakota State is a national leader in online education and has been named a Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity by the National Security Agency. 

Dakota State’s motto – “Embrace Innovation” – could not be more true, as it is frequently recognized one of the most inventive colleges in the country. It is also one of the most cost-effective institutions in the United States.

4. Northwest Missouri State University

The free laptops for college students program at Northwest Missouri State University is designed to save students time and money.

The cost of textbooks and a laptop is rolled into each student’s fees, so students simply pick up their free laptop for college students and a bundle of textbooks at the start of each semester. 

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students receive a fully loaded laptop, computer support, and maintenance services, as well as an average savings of $7300 over four years, according to the university.

Northwest Missouri State University is committed to accessibility and affordability as a regional public university. NMSU, which began as a teacher’s institution in 1905, has always prioritized the needs of Missouri’s working and young people. 

Northwest is a top bargain because of its affordable tuition prices and high-quality academic offerings. It is a great choice for aspiring young professionals because to its small class numbers, teacher mentorship, and emphasis on experiential learning.

5. Saint Mary’s University Minnesota

The free laptops for college students program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers all online students with a laptop to utilize in their classes.

Students in online and hybrid programs will receive a top-of-the-line iPad with Saint Mary’s learning platform and valuable productivity apps pre-installed, regardless of where they live.

Providing a iPad to students in online classes allows them to interact with their learning. The student can practically complete all coursework on the iPad, however some prerequisites will necessitate the use of a laptop or desktop.

Saint Mary’s University, a coed university led by the Brother of the Christian Schools monastic order and one of College Consensus’ Best Catholic Colleges, was founded in 1912 as a Catholic men’s college. 

Saint Mary’s has become a nationally renowned leader in online education, leading to the free iPad for students program. They are known for their academic rigor and quality (a trademark of the Christian Brothers). 

Saint Mary’s is building a name for itself in the twenty-first century by focusing on unconventional learning, particularly for working adults.

6. Southern Nazarene University

The free computers for college students program at Southern Nazarene University has some stipulations: free laptops for college students, but moving to a Mac requires an upgrade charge. 

Fair enough; a high-performance Dell laptop is a free laptop for college, given away at new student orientation each year. 

Students can get a 13″ Macbook for $700 or a 15″ Macbook Pro for $1450. SNU’s program, in any case, equips students with the technologies they require to succeed.

Southern Nazarene University is one of the eight Church of the Nazarene-affiliated liberal arts colleges in the United States, and while its history is a little tangled with mergers and moves, it has been in Oklahoma in some form since 1899, when Oklahoma was still the Oklahoma and Indian Territories.

SNU, an open admissions college, is known for its student support and accessibility, offering students from all walks of life with the resources they need to succeed – including a free laptop for college.

7. Full Sail University

Project Launchbox at Full Sail University is more than simply free laptops for college students or a free iPad for students.

Students in various on-campus and online programs receive a full bundle of technology, including gear and software suites, to aid them in their studies. 

Students in Digital Cinematography, for example, receive a camera, lighting equipment, microphones, editing software, and more.

Additionally, students in Game Design receive a complete virtual reality set-up, including a headset and advanced software.

In 1979, Full Sail University began as a recording studio, and the following year, it added recording and video production classes. Full Sail has earned a reputation as a technological learning center, and in 2007, it began providing totally online degree programs. 

Full Sail University, a for-profit college accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, is noted for its highly specialized programs and outreach to nontraditional students, and has been voted one of the best schools in the world for music and video creation.

8. Southern New Hampshire University

The student laptop program at Southern New Hampshire University does not provide free laptops for college students, but it does provide a substantial discount on Dell and Apple devices. 

In addition to discounts on laptops, desktops, and tablets, approved students at SNHU receive free tech support and repair, a free warranty, free software, and other perks.

Because the majority of SNHU students take online classes, a discounted laptop or iPad for students is a good investment.

Southern New Hampshire University has been operating since 1932, when it began as a modest business school, but without one minor innovation: the internet, it’s unlikely that anyone outside of New Hampshire would have heard of it. 

SNHU was an early user of totally online education, with over 80,000 students enrolled online now, compared to just 4000 on-campus students. 

Because of its technological prowess, SNHU has earned a reputation as one of the most inventive colleges in the country.

9. University of Minnesota-Crookston

The free laptops for college students program at the University of Minnesota-Crookston is part of the UMC Advantage, a comprehensive experience that has helped UMC become one of the greatest regional universities in the Midwest.

All entering on-campus freshmen receive free computers for college students, while online students who complete half of their classes on-campus can qualify for a free laptop.

UM Crookston ensures that students have everything they need for today and tomorrow by putting a heavy emphasis on technology and innovative learning.

The University of Minnesota Crookston was formed in 1966 on the site of an agricultural research farm that had been established in 1895.

UMC’s emphasis as a technical institution has always been on practical learning for the workforce, and in 1993 they established the Laptop U initiative, which was one of the first in the country to provide free laptops for college students and teachers.

They continue to offer low tuition for both residents and non-residents, as well as 87 percent job placement and considerable financial aid.

10. Western Kentucky University

The free laptops for college students program at Western Kentucky University is a little different from others.

WKU has connections with Dell and Apple that allow students to get discounts on Mac computers, Dell laptops, and Microsoft Surface tablets, while the Recycled Computer Program allows departments to get used devices. 

However, students who complete 40 hours of community service will receive a free reconditioned Macbook. 

Making the free laptop for college a reward scheme encourages more students to volunteer.

Western Kentucky University began as a private teacher training and business school in 1976, before being purchased by the state of Kentucky in 1906 and became a public college (and its student body). 

WKU is one of the best regional institutions in the South and shows priority in the needs of Kentucky’s working class, and that purpose continues today.

WKU’s high score on the Social Mobility Index demonstrates that it is delivering on its promise of assisting Kentuckians in achieving better lives.

5 Things to Think About When Buying a Laptop

When buying a laptop, students should examine a number of variables. Begin by making a list of how you want to utilize the gadget. Inquire about the programs and applications required by your potential colleges.

The technical requirements differ depending on the major. More powerful central processing units are typically required for computer-related majors (CPUs).

Continue reading to learn about some factors to consider when purchasing a laptop.

1. Price

Prices for laptops vary a lot. The influence here is your budget. Unless they require sophisticated capabilities, students on a budget should avoid purchasing pricey devices.

Apple products may be more user-friendly and long-lasting for students. MacBooks, on the other hand, can be more expensive than other computers. Take the time to shop around and compare prices.

Examine your alternatives for used devices. In 2021, you might potentially apply to online colleges that offer laptops.

2. Processor and memory (RAM)

Students with majors that are not computer-related may just require their laptop for basic chores. They may, for example, just use their laptop for word processing or to run academic software from their schools.

These students do not require laptops with the most powerful processors.

Random Access Memory (RAM) in computers stores previously used data so that it can be accessed more quickly later. Laptops with more than ten gigabytes (GBs) of RAM perform well. Laptops with less than eight gigabytes of RAM could be sluggish.

3. Storage

Long-term memory is also found in computers. This helps users to save data that isn’t used frequently. Hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), and hybrid drives all store data.

Faster access and startup are possible thanks to SSD storage. Because they don’t have any moving parts, users frequently find these computers to be more durable and reliable.

Many college students may get by with 256GB-512GB of storage. Art, engineering, and computer science majors, on the other hand, deal with enormous files and may require a terabyte of storage. Some devices allow students to upgrade their storage capacity as needed.

4. Battery Life

The battery life of a laptop varies. The size of your laptop has an impact on its battery life. Laptops in the mid-size and larger range may barely last 4-6 hours. Because lower voltage processors are used in smaller-screen or lighter laptops, the batteries can last up to 10 hours.

Students should study internet reviews to learn more about battery life. They can also look at the websites of manufacturers.

5. Size

The majority of laptops have a screen size of 11 to 17 inches. Price, battery life, and mobility are all affected by size. Laptops with smaller screens are frequently less expensive and lighter.

This makes them more affordable and convenient to carry. The batteries in smaller laptops may also last longer than those in bigger machines. Many students purchase 15-inch computers in the mid-size range.

Larger laptops have more processing capability. They are more suitable for computer or art majors. A 17-inch laptop with strong processing power may also be beneficial to video editors and gamers.

What is a Student Laptop Program, and how does it work?

Many colleges and universities provide online college technology benefits. Free academic software and IT assistance are examples of these bonuses. Most schools expect students to bring their own laptops to class.

Some institutions, on the other hand, offer student laptop programs that provide qualifying students with free, subsidized, or loaner computers. College tech perk programs vary each institution.

Some schools cooperate with businesses or companies to offer discounted electronics. For kids to engage in a laptop program, schools may need full-time enrolment. Some colleges and universities exclusively give out free college laptops to new students.

When students graduate or finish a particular number of credits, laptop ownership usually passes to them. Withdrawing students may be required to return or buy their laptops.


What types of computers are available for free at colleges?

Colleges that provide free or discounted laptops normally provide models that fit the requirements of their online college programs. It’s also uncommon for larger universities to collaborate with manufacturers or retailers to develop customized models that meet these needs.Does anyone qualify for a free laptop?

Laptops are typically provided to students enrolled in online programs by colleges. However, transfer students and on-campus students may be eligible in some situations.How old are these laptops?

In the vast majority of cases, absolutely. However, some online institutions that provide free laptops offer reconditioned laptops at a cheaper cost, while others offer old laptops at a great discount.Do I have a say in which laptop I get?

When online universities provide cheap computers to their students, they normally let them choose the laptop they want (but not from too many options). When colleges provide free computers to their students, they are usually not allowed to choose one.Can I upgrade my free laptop without asking the institution for permission?

If a student is given a laptop for free, it is technically the college’s property, at least until the student graduates. Some institutions, on the other hand, may consider it to be the student’s property, in which case he or she is free to upgrade the laptop. It’s worth mentioning that upgrading to a free or reduced laptop could void the warranty.Does the college require students to return the laptop when they graduate or drop out?

The solution to this question is completely dependent on the college and laptop program. Most online institutions that provide laptops have a rule that requires you to return the free laptop if you drop out. Some universities, on the other hand, may offer students a discounted laptop purchase. As a result, college students should always check with their colleges to learn about their regulations and terms.


Many institutions that give laptops offer incoming students a device that matches the program’s exact computing requirements. This ensures that the technology barrier does not impede students from completing their study and that all technical criteria are met.

Also keep in mind that almost all institutions that provide free laptops to college students need you to return the laptop if you quit out.

Many institutions will let you keep your laptop when you graduate (since we all want a 4-year-old laptop as a graduation gift), but no one will allow you just walk away with it. If you attempt, be prepared to pay a large bill.


2022 10 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops To Students

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